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Latest News
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Next Meeting: November 19th 2013 - Location - Bayside Secondary School


Boys and Girls Hockey, Girls Volleyball, Boys Basketball, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Badminton, Swimming, Skiing, curling,


Latest News

BQ Executive Members


Dave Whitney

Vice President

Tara Feeney

Secretary & Treasurer 

Adrian Bertrand

  Convenors for 2013-2014

  Football - THS - Jeff Mcdougal

   Boys soccer - ENSS -  Thano Adams

    Girls rugby – BSS - Scott Dewar

    Golf - NCC - Steve Goyer

   Girls Basketball – PECI- Rob Garden

    Boys Volleyball – NCC - Paul Whalen

Cross Country - Tim Larry (ENSS) & Brian Poste (NHSS)

   Swimming –

   Girls volleyball – NCC - Paul Whalen

   Boys basketball –NCC- Steve Goyer

   Boys hockey – STT - Dick Mulder

   Girls hockey – STT-Anne Bunton

  Curling –ENSS - Brian poste

   Badminton - ENSS- Michelle Whitney

   Gymnastics- CSS - Deb Clare

  Wrestling – QSS-  Ben Claxton

   Skiing – Sttcss- Dave Bray

    Tennis – BSS - Greg Stephens

    Girls soccer – BSS -Graham Collins

 Boys rugby – BSS - Scott Dewar

Track and field – Tim Larry (ENSS) & Brian Poste (NHSS)

Championship Dates




Convenor Support

Transfers Support

Transfer Support Page (schools & Parents)

Transfer Form

Agendas and Minutes

Current Agendas & Minutes -Current Agendas

Past Agendas and Minutes (2009-2010 and older) -Past Agenda